Feb 20, 2013

New partnerships strengthen the position as prime contractor of Dolphin Integration for the design, the fabrication and the test of custom ASIC/SoC circuits

Dolphin Integration benefit from more than 25 years of experience in providing with:

  • Virtual components of Immaterial Propriety (Silicon IPs like MCU, standard cells, memories, high-resolution converters)
  • Design services (on-demand ASICs/SoCs, migration from FPGA to ASIC, etc.)

Dolphin profile themselves as prime contractor in a genuine "one-stop shop" model by taking in charge the wholeness of the circuit development, while taking into account the customer’s constraints (confidentiality, quality expectations, to name but a few). From the feasibility study to the volume fabrication, including the GDSII, prototyping and industrialization, all the steps are performed or followed-up by an expert team in the domain.

During the year 2012, two privileged agreements with foundries in France enable to provide to manufacturers with a simplified access to many technologies while benefiting from the experience acquired by Dolphin team on these technologies; such a turnkey approach is already in place, even for low/medium volumes of production, and for product lifetime over 10 years (concrete strategic positioning of Dolphin since 07/2011 and our active participation of the European Defence Agency EDA-SoC project) :

  • LFoundry: access to nodes 110 nm and 150 nm
  • ST: access to advanced nodes as 55/65 nm for complex circuits and 130 nm for mix circuits mysoc.dolphin.fr/ web/frontend.php/partners_foundries_st

Users are insured to have their application needs addressed by a state-of-the-art know-how. Dolphin Integration thus strengthen their position of unique interface between the customers and the necessary partners to the achievement of an on-demand circuit ASIC: IP providers, foundries, test and assembly houses etc., offering the possibility to consider the purely European solutions.

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