Mixed Signal System Design Verification Accelerated With Detector-Based Diagnostic Method
BMAS – 2009 IEEE International Behavioral Modeling and Simulation Conference, San Jose, California, USA
D.Dammers, C.Domingues, D.Schollän, L.M.Voßkämper


Mixed-signal simulation of complete systems, i.e. pure ana- log/digital systems or electronics with its attached peripher- als, such as sensor and actuator systems, already have a firm place in today’s design process. While the digital part veri- fication has gained a speed increase through the use of Ac- cellera’s Property Specification Language (PSL), the analog part suffers from not being supported by this language. To speed up the verification of the analog part innovation is needed. Based on assertion concepts, this paper presents an innovative methodology for the verification of mixed-signal circuits. Electrical validation of a sensor amplifier design serves as demonstrator for this methodology…

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