MEMSIC chooses DOLPHIN Integration’s unique Low Voltage Standard Cell Library to extend the performance of its MEMS based integrated sensor solutions

MEMSIC and DOLPHIN Integration announce their cooperation to enhance the performance of MEMSIC Accelerometer products.

Thanks to the integration of the patented ultra low voltage standard cell library solutions from DOLPHIN Integration, MEMSICs’ Accelerometer product line will offer extended battery life and functionality, a key feature for MEMS accelerometers.

Yongyao Cai, Director of Technology Partnership and Development at MEMSIC, stated that beyond the product itself, he particularly appreciated “Dolphin team’s prompt response to varies questions we came up with. Without the close cooperation between our two companies, we would not have finished the design with a newly developed library in such short time. In terms of support, Dolphin is one of the best in my experience.”

Matthias Borcier, marketing manager for the standard cell library product line at DOLPHIN Integration, declared “our extreme low voltage standard cell library has been especially developed for applications with serious power consumption constraints. The benefits of low voltage operation make it ideal for sensor networks – or any SoC which seeks differentiation through very low dynamic power consumption”.

Both companies look forward to continued partnership in this innovative and challenging segment of the market.


MEMSIC, Inc. is a semi-fabless IC company that specializes in MEMS based integrated sensor solutions. MEMSIC has developed and brought to market its flagship product, a unique CMOS based accelerometer that contains no moving parts, is fabricated on a single chip and is manufactured on a standard, sub-micron CMOS process. Memsic’s technology turns traditionally expensive and unreliable MEMS accelerometers into highly affordable standard IC products with the highest long-term reliability and performance available today in the IC industry.

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