MEMSCAP and DOLPHIN partner to bring high level language solutions for MEMS simulation to market

Feb 02, 2003

MEMSCAP and DOLPHIN partner to bring high level language solutions for MEMS simulation to market

MEMSMaster deploys MEMSCAP modeling expertise and powerful design environment enabled by Dolphin’s SMASH single engine, mixed-signal, multi-level and multi-language simulator.

MEMSCAP (Euronext : MEMS), the leading provider and manufacturer of innovative solutions and products based on micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) and DOLPHIN Integration, today announce the launching of MEMSMaster powered by SMASH, a new dedicated front-end solution for behavioral level modeling and simulation of MEMS.

This new solution creates the most cost effective package for front-end MEMS design. Aimed at increasing drastically MEMS design productivity and at speeding up the MEMS product development design cycle, MEMSMaster enables MEMS designers to capture and simulate accurately and quickly their MEMS design ideas, extending the design space exploration possibilities. It also avoids work duplication by capturing schematics as layouts.

Gilles Depeyrot, Development Manager for Missing EDA Links (MEDAL™) at DOLPHIN Integration, reports “it has been a really tough challenge to meet MEMSCAP’s criteria for their vision of how to answer customers’ needs. SMASH had an edge as the only multi-language, single- kernel simulator on the market, but it was mandatory to provide the most exhaustive language support, ever. We can boast of a 99 % coverage of VHDL-AMS semantics!”

Ridha Hamza, Marketing Manager of the CAD Business Unit at MEMSCAP says, “to complete the deployment of MEMSMaster, we needed a robust, PC-based, VHDL-AMS simulator for MEMS, and SMASH is the most cost-effective solution available today. We believe that the MEMS industry will definitely evolve from iterating at the prototyping level with FEM simulations towards more productive behavioral modeling, allowing both faster simulations and better integration of MEMS devices into systems. We think that MEMSMaster will be a very high performance solution for all MEMS design teams.”

“The integration of SMASH within MEMSMaster offers a highly differentiated value with respect to existing tools. The support of VHDL-AMS as well as the mixing allowed between SPICE and VHDL-AMS, exactly corresponds to our users’ needs.” added Ridha Hamza.

About MEMSMaster bundled with SMASH

MEMSMaster is a front-end, behavioral level tool for MEMS design. MEMSMaster is composed of two major modules which are M2Architect and M2Librarian. MEMSMaster comes with an extensive set of models for MEMS simulations.

M2Architect is the only tool on the market that allows users to draw layout-like schematics using scalable and position dependent symbols. The tool ensures schematic and layout correspondence, eliminating duplicated work and risks of errors. The MEMS design captured in M2Architect is simulated using accurate models from the M2Libraries. The same MEMS design exported as a VHDL-AMS model can be simulated with IC circuitry, ensuring very early in the design stage, an accurate system simulation.

M2Librarian is a fully dedicated environment for library management with versioning, information tracking on the models and coherency checking between parameterized symbols and behavioral models headers. This environment has been developed to support highly demanding MEMS modeling needs with constantly evolving modeling levels.

Since the integration of the VHDL-AMS language in May 2000 within the first genuine mixed-signal simulator on the market, SMASH is the leader for full support of this powerful language. The last release of SMASH reinforces this leadership by doubling the design speed in VHDL-AMS.

By focusing on designers’ productivity improvements, SMASH has become the sole simulator supporting:

  • vectors, matrixes and all other composite types with their calculation abilities
  • tolerances to increase the control possibilities of multi-domain system simulations
  • State-of-the-art mixing of VHDL-AMS and SPICE for multi-level design capability for all analog designers wishing to include some non-electrical behavior, or wanting to combine sub-circuits at diverse abstraction levels.

All this capability converges into simpler, shorter and safer models, high simulation speed and more accurate simulation results.

MEMSMaster bundled with SMASH is available immediately. The package is available from MEMSCAP directly or from its distributors.


MEMSCAP is the leading provider of innovative solutions based on MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) technology. MEMSCAP solutions include components, component designs (IP), CAD design tools, manufacturing and related services. MEMSCAP customers include Fortune 500 businesses, major research institutes and universities. The company’s shares are traded on Euronext under the ticker symbol MEMS, where MEMSCAP belongs to the Next Economy segment. More information on the company’s products and services can be obtained at www.memscap.com

About DOLPHIN Integration

This European Enterprise, provider of “Service Empowered IP” for Logic, Analog and Memory Virtual Components, offers the FLIP™ “Flexible Line of Integration Platforms”, together with state-of-the-art MEDAL™ “Missing EDA Links”, and design support. Their German subsidiary specializes in MEMS. They operate jointly from turnkey design to consulting support for customers wanting efficient insertion of FLIP cores from kits into their SoC design. The corporate charter is to help customers meet the challenges of Time-To-Fab with a quality control process leading reliably to success on first pass. Dolphin is a member of the Virtual Socket Interface Alliance (VSIA) and of the Virtual Component exchange (VCX).

For additional information, visit www.dolphin-integration.com

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