Ingenic and Dolphin Integration announce their renewed cooperation in the field of audio converters

Nov 27, 2009

Ingenic and Dolphin Integration announce their renewed cooperation in the field of audio converters

The two companies reveal today their agreement, whereby the fast growing Chinese embedded microprocessor supplier, Ingenic, has licensed the ultra-low power audio converter from the mixed signal Silicon IP provider, Dolphin Integration.

“We already have licensed several audio Codecs from Dolphin”, says Jin ZHANG, CTO of Ingenic Semiconductor. “But their new generation of audio Codecs should help us reach new heights. First, the power consumption of their DAC is amazingly low. In playback mode, the total power consumption of the DAC with a Class AB headphone amplifier does not exceed 7 mW! This translates into a much longer usage on battery for our end-users. Second, this audio Codec relies on their new and patented technology for reducing pop-up noise below an audible level. Last but not least, they have enhanced their audio Codec architecture to significantly reduce the out-of-band noise, which shall facilitate the performance appreciation by our users, even those which do not own a test equipment dedicated to audio measurement”, adds Jin ZHANG.

shCOD95.BT01-Helium, the audio Codec licensed by Ingenic, is a feature rich configuration which includes all input and output peripherals required when targeting portable applications in addition to High-Fidelity audio ADC and DAC cores.

The breakthrough architectural innovation boosts the ultra-low power DAC core, which consumes as low as 1.1 mA for its analog part: “With this ultra-low power DAC we have succeeded in offering a low-power solution based on low BoM Class AB amplifiers”, says Christophe Gaillard, Growth Development Unit Manager at Dolphin for audio and measurement delta-sigma converters. “Furthermore, the pop-up noise reduction is achieved without requiring any external component”.

The leading Silicon IP provider for audio converters is now enriching its “ViC-set” with embedded peripherals, as low-jitter Oscillators and Linear Regulators, to reduce both the risk upon integration for SNR and the Bill of Material.

In addition, the company is launching a breakthrough solution with “IP FAEs” to support its Fabless users helping end-users evaluate and demonstrate applications of their SoCs in the most efficient way. “We naturally have selected IC-CAD 2009 in China to unveil, as a worldwide exclusivity, our new strategy” says Jean-Francois Pollet, VP for Products at Dolphin, as “The enabler of mixed signal System-On-Chip which provides solutions and FAEs for optimizing overall functions sustained jointly by the ViC, the SoC and the PCB with its Quartz, PMIC, MEMS and even application software.”

Attendees of IC-CAD shall be the first to discover an innovative system-level simulation for assessing whether pop-up noise may be audible. The company already announces regular enrichments of its services dedicated to the FAEs of its users for facilitating their promotional work.

About Ingenic Semiconductor

Ingenic Semiconductor is one of China’s leading fabless semiconductor companies. It is dedicated to continually development innovative CPU technology and build up open platform based on Ingenic advanced microprocessors. Ingenic aims to offer the best embedded processors and embedded solutions optimized for high performance, the lowest power consumption and the lowest cost.

With the obvious advantages in performance-price ratio, multimedia processing and power consumption, Jz47xx are widely applied into lots of embedded devices and consumer electronic products such as PMP, educational electronic device, Mobile TV, fingerprint identification, GPS, UMPC, Baby monitor and more. During the past two years, the Jz47xx processors became the most widely applied Chinese CPU and the shipment volume has been more than 15 million units already.

For more information, please visit the Ingenic Semiconductor website at www.ingenic.cn

About Dolphin Integration

Dolphin Integration is up to their charter as the most adaptive creator in the Microelectronics Design Industry to “enable mixed signal Systems-on-Chip”. It stars a quality management stimulating reactivity for innovation and Foundry independence. Their current mission is to supply worldwide customers with fault-free, high-yield and reliable sets of CMOS Virtual Components, resilient to noise and drastic for low power-consumption, together with engineering assistance and product evolutions customized to their needs.

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