Oct 15, 2020

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Accelerating Innovation in IoT and Wearables with Adaptive Body Bias Feature on 22FDX Platform

The ABB feature affords designers significantly more precision when fine-tuning the transistor threshold voltage of a circuit, enabling them to more effectively optimize the performance, energy efficiency, area, and reliability of a chip to meet the needs of a specific application. GF customers working in IoT, wearables, hearables, RF, and edge computing are leveraging ABB to further boost the efficiency of their designs by utilizing the 22FDX platform’s ultra-low power and low leakage capabilities. 

“Our goal is to allow fabless makers to embed in weeks, instead of months, a robust and energy efficient power management system thanks to our SPIDER Design Platform. It includes the foundry-sponsored ABB IP, made to work with the conventional standard-cells, memories and design flow. Only a few months after its commercialization, the first of our already many users are now starting volume production. The next ABB IP will be ISO26262-ready to empower automotive applications,” said Philippe Berger, Chairman of Dolphin Design.

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