Nov 24, 2014

Dolphin Integration reveals the standard power kit library DELTA to ease the deployment of an optimal power management network into a SoC

To overcome the power challenge, Power Management Networks (PMNet) are becoming more and more complex. Making the right choices for embedding PMNets into System-on-Chips (SoC) might result in tricky issues for the integrator.

To ease the PMNet deployment, Dolphin Integration reveals the disruptive approach enabled by the standardized “Reduced Power Kit Library”, namely DELTA.

Stringent objectives addressed by DELTA:

  • Being a library of reusable components
  • Optimize the SoC even with a reduced set of regulation components for each challenge: high efficiency, low noise, low BoM, low leakage…
  • Standardize rules to ease PMNet integration
  • Feature innovative views to enable PMNet verifications

Discover how DELTA makes the difference:

Classic (Custom) power management Library

DELTA (Reusable) Power Kit Library

Advantages for your SoC

Components customized for each load within a SoC

Reduced number of predefined and validated structures parametrized by a dozen of Power Stage Units

Reducing time-to-market

Benchmark at regulation components level

Cooperative selection process to evaluate the entire PMNet through the Figure-of-Merit (FoM)

Reaching the best performance trade-off for the overall PMNet

Lack of integration methodology for assembling an optimal PMNet

4 pre-defined voltage levels for “Interfaces for the Distribution of Power” (IDP) facilitating reusability and spreading the regulation constraints through PMNet architecture

Easing selection of regulation components required for an optimal PMNet

Standard rules for PMNet integration

Enabling a mixed PMNet embedding third party components

Omission of verifications for PMNet robustness over fast transitions between activity modes

Behavioral simulation models with EDA solution for verifying the SoC assembly 

Securing integration of the PMNet

To reach the best overall power consumption, DELTA RPKL is compatible with our offering for island construction.

Find-out more about the DELTA Library on the featured Tech Talk presented by Dolphin Integration as Effective Optimization of Power Management Architectures through Four standard “Interfaces for the Distribution of Power”.
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