Dec 08, 2014

Dolphin Integration, provider of IP components for Smartcard applications with focus on security and low power

The ever-growing smartcard market is perpetually facing the challenge of protecting asset confidentiality and data integrity against hackers and pirates. It demands a perpetual renewal of secured platforms from fabless IC suppliers for smartcards, always offering more numerous and more upgraded security features.
In parallel with this security race, fabless suppliers have to decrease SoC power consumption to meet the needs of contactless devices, including mobile devices enabled by Near Field Communication (NFC).

To address the security requirements, Dolphin Integration offers secured microcontroller configurations, embedding custom sets of counter-measures, tailored to each user request.
Moreover, Dolphin Integration is THE provider of low-power optimized Silicon IP components with a wide offering in eFlash processes at 90 nm and 55 nm.

Fabless suppliers’ challenges addressed by Dolphin Integration’s IP component offering:

  • Secure 80251 or 80351 Microcontrollers, embedding a custom set of counter-measures selected by the user, for a unique MCU configuration and, thus, a true protection
  • The CLICK to build logic and memory islands for all operating modes thanks to innovative cells
  • The Power kit library of regulation components to build an optimized SoC architecture for the lowest power consumption

Example of IP Solutions for contactless smartcard at 90 nm eFlash

CLICK: Composite Logic Island Construction Kit
LP: Low Power
HW : Hardware
HD: High Density

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