Oct 17, 2014

Dolphin Design introduce a new foundry sponsored low power memory for LCD Drivers and Touch Screen Controllers

In order to reach the stringent low power requirements of LCD Drivers and Touch Screen Controllers, Dolphin Design launch a foundry sponsored Single port RAM for the UMC 110 nm embedded Flash process.

Fabless companies targeting these applications have huge constraints both in terms of power consumption and area. Thanks to its dual voltage capability and its various operating modes, the power consumption of the SpRAM Rhea is drastically reduced and enables a significant extension of battery life for such power sensitive applications. The SpRAM Rhea not only reaches attractive low power consumption figures, but its smart architecture for the array periphery also offers the highest density to reduce silicon costs.

For a complete sub-system optimization of power consumption, the SpRAM Rhea can be advantageously combined with Dolphin Integration’s 80251 Typhoon, a 16-bit MCU offering the best trade-off between processing power and low power consumption, and the cache controller R-Stratus-LP, specifically targeting low power optimization of Flash memories.

Have a look at the presentation sheet of SpRAM RHEA UMC 110 nm eFlash.
If you have a real challenge of low power consumption, our application engineering team will be glad to help you optimize a complete memory + MCU subsystem. Feel free to email libraries@dolphin-ip.com

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