Nov 10, 2014

Dolphin Integration dedicated features for shortening and easing the industrial test of audio converters

Dolphin Integration supply leading fabless companies for more than 25 years with dozens of audio converters which have been used in millions of SoCs.

The cost of Industrial Test can represent up to 35 % of the fabrication cost. Therefore, the challenge is to keep the industrial test cost as low as possible while ensuring high reliability products.

Mixed-signal Δ∑ converters from Dolphin Integration benefit from the following enhancements:

  • Loopback capabilities
    Possibility to simultaneously test the functionality of ADC and DAC using logic testers through an analog loop-back path.
  • Dedicated modes and analysis
    Reduction of start-up time thanks to optimized register settings: the register settings are fully described in the User Manual for reducing test duration.
    Reduction of the acquisition time for performing needed verifications: the test guidelines are available as a standard deliverable.

These enhancements divide on average by 5 the industrial testing time of the audio part. They also facilitate all qualification tests.

Beyond mixed-signal audio converters, Dolphin Integration offer pure logic audio converters (with PWM DAC and ADC filters for digital microphones), which are the most convenient solutions for some Audio applications. For this kind of audio converter, the user thus takes benefit from the speed of a pure logic ATPG test, avoiding complex and expensive analog verifications.

Find out our most appreciated products embedding these features in Audio Converters offering:
sDACa-MT1.01, Pure digital DAC at 55nm for Set-Top-Box
sCODa100-LB-IO-N.12, mixed-signal Converter for SmartWatch at 40 nm

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