Dolphin Integration appoints Christian Dupont as CEO

Feb 13, 2018

Dolphin Integration appoints Christian Dupont as CEO

Dolphin Integration enters a new era following the appointment of Christian Dupont as CEO of the company.

After graduating from EPFL Christian Dupont joined Texas Instruments in 1988 where he started with sales and DSP marketing manager positions before participating to the creation of Wireless Business Unit in 1992. TI will then become the leader in Wireless Semiconductor market for 15 years with revenue reaching $ 5B. In TI Wireless BU he will evolve as Marketing Manager and Business Unit Manager in Dallas and in Nice where he ran TI Wireless Europe including Nokia and Ericsson Business Units for which TI developed customer-specific SOCs, influencing and integrating TI IPs.
From 2007 to 2010, he was CEO of the Varioptic (electro-optics) startup, and until 2015 CEO of poLight in Norway (MEMS Auto-Focus). Since 2016 he has taken over and been leading an international CEO community (CEO-CF) focused on the creation of collaboration between international business leaders.

“We are delighted to welcome a leader of Christian’s caliber, declares Michel Depeyrot, chairman of Dolphin Integration, which paves the way for a new era for our company. His experience in the microelectronics sector and its ecosystem is a considerable asset for our growth.”

On the occasion of his first meeting with the Dolphin Integration team, Christian Dupont shared his vision and priorities for the company:
“IC energy efficiency is key for the world of connected objects, battery-powered equipment, autonomous cars or big data processing. The explosion of these markets depends on the arrival of integrated circuits consuming 5 to 10 times less than today to meet the requirements of miniaturization and autonomy.
Dolphin Integration has all the expertise to provide its customers with innovative solutions to create breakthrough such as reaching 10 years of autonomy for a connected surveillance camera.
My career has always led me to put the Customer at the center of the company. I want to exploit the synergies within Dolphin Integration to make possible the ambitious plans of our customers. I look forward to meeting this challenge with our teams and collaborating with our partners!”

Dolphin Integration is working in parallel on strengthening its equity capital to finance its growth in the next fiscal year.
These challenges will notably lead Dolphin Integration to recruit about thirty new talents in 2018, in the fields of microelectronic design, application engineering and marketing.

For the board of directors, the Chairman

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