May 24, 2013

Dolphin Integration announces a new generation of ultra-dense standard cell library for GSMC 0.18 µm uLL eFlash process

Dolphin Integration, the leading provider for innovative libraries of standard cells and low-power memories, has released SESAME uHD-BTF, the latest 6-Track architecture of their standard cell family, for cost sensitive designs at GSMC 0.18 mm uLL eFlash process.

The launched 6-Track standard cell library reduces silicon costs significantly in comparison with existing libraries. Benchmark results have indeed demonstrated that SESAME uHD-BTF achieves a 10% up to 20% area reduction after placement and routing, compared to alternative products.

SESAME uHD-BTF incorporates the latest architectural innovations from Dolphin Integration

  • Enriched with pulsed latches, i.e. “spinner cells”, which replace the conventional D flip-flops and lead to 30% of area savings at cell level
  • Furthermore, with the spinner system, the same placement density as flip flop is ensured and the pulse generation is automated by a script for seamless integration within a standard design flow
  • The Ultra High Density cells leave metal 2 free to ensure more efficient place and route.

“SESAME uHD-BTF is the first 6-Track standard cell library released in a uLL process at 0.18 µm! This offering partakes in a complete Panoply including single port and dual port RAM and metal programmable ROM generators. Dolphin’s products will undoubtedly enhance customers’ competitiveness on their markets.” said Elsa Bernard-Moulin, Product Manager for Libraries.

Find out more information about this spinner cell system on the featured Tech Talk presented by Dolphin Integration as “Spinner System: optimized design and integration methodology based on pulsed latch for drastic area reduction in logic designs”. Just follow this link.

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