Dolphin Integration announce the availability of their Reusable Power Kit Library at TSMC 180 nm eLL

Aug 18, 2014

Dolphin Integration announce the availability of their Reusable Power Kit Library at TSMC 180 nm eLL

In the connected world, the IoT is getting all the attention, for which battery lifetime is the biggest challenge. To reach the lowest power consumption, leading Fabless suppliers optimize their SoC architectures by implementing different power domains and by embedding the associated regulators.

To help Fabless suppliers achieve their goals, Dolphin Integration have turned their offering for power regulation components into a Reusable Power Kit Library (RPKL) for a reduced Time-to-Market, thanks to the DELTA standard starting with TSMC 180 nm eLL.
Both the Delta Standard and its RPKL implementation feature drastic improvements for low leakage. The latter enables specific regulation components for optimizing upstream with any battery or USB source and downstream with any charge. SoC users may get the benefit of not only controlling power consumption, but also addressing the optimization of efficiency, of silicon density or of Bill-of-Material cost.

The RPKL Delta is comprised of a number of critical regulation components including:

The OPM-Hydra, an Over-voltage Protection Module:

  • To support up to 5.5 V operation using standard 3.3 V CMOS I/O transistors
  • Optimized for low-leakage operation: a quiescent current of 500 nA of high-voltage

The RAR, a Retention Alternative Regulator:

  • To combine high-efficiency in normal mode with ultra-low quiescent operation in sleep mode by alternating two embedded regulators (eSR and qLR) under control of a Regulator Control Unit (RCU)

The qLR-Aubrey, an ultra low quiescent Linear Regulator:

  • To reach the lowest consumption in sleep mode with retention
  • Supplying a quiescent current of 50 nA or 200 nA, depending on configuration

The eSR-Niagara, a highly efficient Switching Regulator:

  • To optimize dynamic power consumption from sources to loads in active mode with an efficiency up to 95% in peak

Of course, no RPKL can be exhaustive, neither needed in its entirety, and Fabless providers may want to master some exceptional regulation components for some unique application, so that the Delta standard (its new rules and its new views) enables the match and mix of the RPKL Delta with third parties’ regulation components.

Furthermore, users of the Delta RPKL may take advantage of the library offering from Dolphin Integration at 180 nm to implement their power domains with the best trade-off between area & power. Typically,
SESAME BIV Standard Cell Library, at any Battery Interface Voltage:

  • To reduce leakage by 4,000 for a 5,000 gate domain implemented at 3.3 V, compared to a conventional SVT library operating at 1.8 V
  • Optimal for ultra low leakage domains, supporting up to 3.63 V input

For more information, please contact regulators@dolphin-ip.com.

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