AvantQuest Technologies Selected by DOLPHIN Integration as Exclusive Reseller in California and Arizona

AvantQuest and DOLPHIN sign an exclusive Reseller Agreement
for SMASH Analog and Mixed Signal Simulator: Target Sales $1.6 Million over 2 years

AvantQuest Technologies, Inc., a start-up company offering Analog-Mixed Signal electronics software solutions and design services, announced that it has entered into an agreement with DOLPHIN Integration SA to become the exclusive reseller of SMASH in California and Arizona.

SMASH is the industry’s only electronic simulator versatile enough to simulate both analog and logic circuitry, in a single netlist of the original models readable in C, ABCD, Verilog-HDL, SPICE, VHDL, VHDL-AMS and soon Verilog-AMS.

Exclusivity for realistic simulations

Confident in the importance of this unique property for realistic designs, as partners, Dolphin and AvantQuest demonstrate the ability of two growing with a leading-edge technology to partner for providing productivity improvements to leading-edge customers, namely Logic and Analog circuit designers as well as Mixed Signal SoC Integrators who are encountering increasingly challenging problems with multi-level verification at both the back-end and the front-end.

On this basis, AvantQuest can provide the IC design community with advanced support and services for the design of analog and mixed signal circuitry, as well as for their integration into mixed signal SoCs.

SMASH enables training in know-how for ease in realistic modeling of analog and mixed signal circuitry with calibration between electrical and high-level descriptions. The partners are first to address the behavioral modeling of inter and intra-circuit disturbances of a mixed signal SoC or PCB.

“AvantQuest’s strong relationships with Mixed Signal design houses in California and Arizona pave the way for Dolphin to bring its solution to more than thirty key users and grow 30% in the southwestern US,” stated CEO Jean-Francois Pollet.

Optimized services for hierarchical integrators and circuit-level designers

On the one hand, SMASH is premier in VHDL-AMS, due to its regional exposure to the needs of the Automotive Industry, which implies top performance from complex logic to microelectromechanical structures!

On the other hand, designers of analog and mixed signal circuitry shall find with SMASH, unique capabilities to simulate typically x400 faster than alternatives, all forms of noisy interferences up to jitter.

“This alliance with DOLPHIN is a tremendous milestone for our company,“ stated Maged Attia, Director of Sales for AvantQuest. “DOLPHIN’s best-in-class technologies will shape the way both Analog and Mixed Signal engineers do complex mixed signal designs and SoC Integrators beat PCB design in all performances. The addition of SMASH to our portfolio enables AvantQuest to provide more advanced solutions to our customers’ AMS design problems.”

About DOLPHIN Integration

Design Services and has evolved into a Chipless Microelectronics Development Provider. Dolphin has established a solid reputation in the design of library cells, mixed analog/digital or pure logic IC’s, and as a Fabless supplier of custom IC’s. It launched SMASH as early as 1988, to ensure its mastery for simulating circuits realistically for one-pass designs and high fabrication yield.

It is now on a growth course with an innovative product strategy in dual markets: Virtual Components of Intellectual Property and the Missing Electronic Design Automation Links, under the acronym MEDAL™, including SMASH.

Additional information on Dolphin Integration and its offerings can be found at: www.dolphin-integration.com

About AvantQuest Technologies

AvantQuest Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of Analog-Mixed Signal electronics software and design services. The company delivers an optimized mix of design software, custom design services and silicon IPs to augment the design flow and enable our customers to achieve required design targets. At AvantQuest, our credo is to partner with every customer. Additional information about AvantQuest electronics software and design service may be obtained at www.avantquest.com or by emailing sales@avantquest.com.

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