Feb 17, 2014

Availability of the SmartLink, Dolphin Integration’s USB adapter for 80×51 Built-in Debugger

Dolphin Integration, provider of 8 and 16-bit microcontroller cores beyond the intel 51 legacy, is releasing the SmartLink (S-Link), cost-effective USB adapter for faster on-chip debug of application programs.

S-Link grants speed through its Two-Wire Interface for debuG (TWIG) protocol enabling:

  • 10 steps/sec. versus 3 steps/sec. with the JTAG protocol
  • < 50 ms/instruction in step-by-step execution in assembler mode
  • > 100 kB/s during read/write operations

Thanks to the S-Link, Dolphin Integration’s Heracles integrated development environment (IDE) can be easily connected to the BIRD-Owl In-Circuit Emulator for efficient on-chip debug with advanced features, among which:

  • Unlimited software breakpoints extended to the Flash/EEPROM memories
  • Easy code loading thanks to ISP (In-System Programming) for all kinds of memories
  • Easy code loading thanks to ISP (In-System Programming) for all kinds of memories

BIRD Owl can be configured for an optimal trade-off between debugging features and silicon cost.

The Built-in Real-time Debugger BIRD is seamlessly integrated into the Heracles IDE, which provides unique development and debug features for application programs. It above all launches the capability to simulate all the peripherals connected to a microcontroller core, for a complete sub-system simulation running the application program.

The S-Link USB adapter also is compatible with the standard JTAG protocol and its cost-effectiveness makes it the winner both for unit and volume purchases.

For more information, please contact the marketing manager Nathalie Fustinoni.

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