Acceleration of our Mixed-Signal Front-End Design Solutions

Jul 13, 2015

Acceleration of our Mixed-Signal Front-End Design Solutions

Dolphin Integration delivers new releases of its EDA Solutions for front-end design: the schematic editor SLED along with the mixed-signal simulator SMASH.

SLED enables designers to graphically capture and configure their designs. The flexibility of the schematic editor SLED offers the possibility to design true mixed-signal circuits as well as multi-level and multi-physics systems.

For each process node and variant, foundries provide a Process Design Kit (PDK) containing all the files needed for front-end and back-end design. To assist in the integration of PDK files relevant for front-end design, SLED 2.4 delivers a PDK import feature enabling fast and easy generation of a SLED front-end PDK. SLED 2.4 also delivers ergonomic and ease of use enhancements to constantly improve the overall user experience and productivity.

Access to the overview of the new features of SLED 2.4: download its Presentation Sheet!

SMASH is renowned in the analog design community as a state-of-the art mixed-signal simulator with multi-language and multi-level simulation capabilities. Staying on the cutting edge of simulator performance, SMASH 6.4 offers 3 major steps forward:

  • Thanks to a new analog solver, SMASH 6.4 shortens simulations of big analog circuits from weeks to days (see Figure 1).
  • Loading of logic circuits is up to 2 times faster than previously thanks to the integration of a new compiler.
  • Increased speed and reduced memory footprint under Linux with a native SMASH application.

smash simulation run time

Access to the overview of the new features of SMASH 6.4: download its Presentation Sheet!


To take SLED and SMASH for a test drive, simply download the free Evaluation kit

You can provide feedback on your user experience by sending an email to contact@dolphin.fr.

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