May 22, 2017

A new generation of 32-kHz oscillators for IoT and wearable applications

The growing number of battery-powered devices, be they connected or not, which spend most of their time waiting, i.e. in sleep mode, involves to find new solution to lower the power consumption of the always-on power domain. The challenge for SoC designers is indeed to reduce significantly the power consumption in sleep mode, when only the clock and some other triggers are active. A reduction of power consumption of the always-on power domain may easily translate into months and even years of extra usage on the same battery, before its replacement or its recharge.

Dolphin Integration announces today the addition of ultra-low power 32.768- kHz oscillators dedicated to always-on power domains, at 55 nm and at 22 nm.

The qOSC-XTAL-LP-32k-co.02 (crystal-based) and the qOSC-RC-LP-32k-co.01 (RC-based), benefit from an innovative architecture which combines intrinsically low power consumption –  as low as 60 nA – with the capability to safely operate down to near threshold voltage , as low as 0.55 V.

Such ultra-low power oscillators complement the AON silicon IP panoply from Dolphin Integration which may be supplied at any voltage between nominal down to near threshold: SESAME NTV standard-cell library, qLR-Aubrey ultra-low quiescent-current voltage regulator and RTC-32k-CAL.01 Real-Time-Clock.

SoC designers may save up to 80% of power consumption compared to conventional solution during the sleep mode, which represents up to  99.9 % of the use time of an SoC for some IoT and wearable applications!

Low-Voltage Always-on subsystem


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