Adaptative Body Bias IP demonstration

Lionel presents our FDSOI Adaptative Body Biasing system, how it responds to voltage and temperature variations and how it guarantees the performance of a digital load.

Webinar: Turnkey solution to simplify Body Bias implementation in FDSOI technology

The explosion of intelligent IoT devices, edge IoT, embedded AI, communication and always more processing power asks for an exponential demand in energy. Next generations of IC require a drastic improvement in energy efficient SoC design to sustain new market demands.To do more with less energy, System-on-Chip architects and designers have to adopt advanced technologies …

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Meet Philippe, CEO at Dolphin Design

Philippe, our CEO, accepted the interview challenge. He explains our vision and mission, as well as the evolutions he has implemented since arriving in December 2018.

Meet Laurent, digital designer at Dolphin Design

Our team introduces some jobs at Dolphin Design and speaks without taboo about the company. Discover life at Dolphin through these short interviews! Want to know more ? contact

Meet Alexandre, digital design manager at Dolphin Design

Let’s introduce Alexandre, digital design manager, he needs resources and is recruiting! He explains in this interview the personalities he is looking for as well as the technical challenges to be met. Want to know more? contact

Meet Vincent, CTO at Dolphin Design

Vincent, our CTO, talks about the technical challenges to be met by joining our teams, as well as the different technologies we are working on.Want to know more ? contact

Meet Agnes, project leader at Dolphin Design

Putting people at the center of our attention is a daily value that we support at Dolphin. Agnes, project leader, talks, without taboo, about practicing her job in our company. Want to know more ? contact

Meet Minji, regional sales manager at Dolphin Design

We aim to show you behind the scenes of Dolphin Design through the testimonies of members of our team. Listen to Minji, our sales manager for EMEA and Korea. She is at the heart of customer relations and shares her experience with Dolphin’s engineering teams.