IP SoC Grenoble 22

A worldwide Physical and Virtual Event, by Design & Reuse

IP SoC Grenoble 2022

November 30, 2022
Grenoble, France

IP-SoC 2022 will be the 25th edition of the working conference fully dedicated to IP (Silicon Intellectual Property) and IP based electronic systems.

The event is the annual opportunity for IP providers and IP consumers to share information about technology trends, innovative IP SoC products, Breaking IP/SoC News, Market evolution and more.

The Grenoble event is a special event as it is also the annual IP Think Tank meeting where high level executives, market analyzer and technical experts in all the design track from Foundry, technology, design methodology, EDA tools share their vision about the future of the IP concept. It will be the right time to analyze the fast evolution and consolidation in the IP market and IP business.

Meet the team

Vincent Huard

Vincent HUARD, Chief Technology Officer

During the event, Vincent will deliver a talk on "New solutions for Energy efficient Edge Computing" during the Artificial Intelligence session, on November, 30

Nicolas Gaude

Nicolas GAUDE, Business Development & Product Marketing Manager

During the event, Nicolas will be the chairperson of the "Low Power Design" roundtable on December, 1st.

Do want to know more about our solutions in processing with a focus on power management?

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