Full Turnkey
What are your reason(s) to embed electronic functions into an ASIC/SoC?

Dolphin Design, expert in ASIC design and production

ASIC/SoC Full Turnkey Offering

With 30 years of experience in the design of ASIC/SoCs and silicon IP components, Dolphin Design is THE trusted partner for the integration and miniaturization of your next product generation.

Focus on the added-value of your product

Developing an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) or a SoC (System-on-Chip) and going into production require various competences. Due to the complexity of such a process, most system makers need the support of an expert company, such as Dolphin Design, taking in charge all necessary steps and letting them focus on their added value: the final product embedding the ASIC.

Full Turnkey offering: from specifications to component delivery

Dolphin Design is providing the appropriate solutions all along the project phases: feasibility, specification, development, prototyping, industrialization with preseries and production including ramp-up. As soon as the final ASIC specifications are co-signed, we commit on prices and schedules according to the quality levels defined with you.

Why would an ASIC/SoC be relevant for your product?
From Specifications to production
Supply Chain Management
Why Dolphin Design as Partner ? (expertise)

Specific, reliable, miniature, powerful. The ASIC/SoC is a real differentiator for your product

Why would an ASIC/SoC relevant for your product?

You could think that an ASIC is viable only for high volume production. For sure the investment for developing and industrializing an ASIC is significant, from few hundred k€ to several M€. It can be justified only by the targeted market of the product embedding the ASIC. But Dolphin Integration is also involved in a lot of ASICs with low/mid volume production, just because the ASIC is mandatory for the final product to reach its market.

There are 7 reasons to embed an electronic function into an ASIC and only one of them is required to justify the investment. Our team of experts is capable of making a first evaluation for free, just to make sure the next step is worthwhile

Our team can manage your project, from Feasibility Study to Production with your own involvement, as you decide it

From Specifications to production

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

We provide you with

  • Preliminary specifications and Architecture
  • Performances assessment
  • Silicon process/foundry recommendations
  • Projections on schedule & budget
  • Development and production contract content

Your involvement

  • Targeted performances
  • Needs, features, constraints, Interfaces


We provide you with

  • Final architecture
  • Digital / mixed-signal ASIC design and IP integration
  • Functionnal and electrical verifications
  • Physical implementation and sign-off
  • Design and project reviews

Your involvement

  • Approval of specifications
  • Regular reviews
  • System-level simulation
  • Embedded software

Delivery of Prototypes

We provide you with

  • Silicon and packaging
  • First level of tests
  • Engineering samples characterization

Your involvement

  • Acceptance of engineering samples
  • Test in your system


We provide you with

  • Final mask set and industrial test solution
  • Devices qualification
  • Pre-series delivery

Your involvement

  • Characterization of pre-series in your complete system


We provide you with

  • Ramp-up
  • Quality controls and analysis
  • Low/Medium/High Volumes

Your involvement

  • ASIC/SoC ready to be instantiated in your product

Our commitment is to deliver right-on-first pass and on time ASIC/SoC for your targeted volumes

Supply Chain Management

Dolphin Integration’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) covers the complete steps from circuit initial qualifications to production… with associated periodic reporting.

Focus on Industrialization

Final mask-set is generated

Packaging-Solution is developed

Industrial (HW and SW) test program at wafer and/or package level is written and set-up

Characterization of the ASIC/SoC (corner lots, temperature and voltage variations, etc)

HTOL, HAST, Burn-In on demand

Focus on production

Manufacturing follow-up and traceability

Quality insurance on the whole supply chain

Regular contacts with suppliers

Yield monitoring…

Focus on MyMACS

Our My-Multi-Asic Coordinated Services consists in shuttle runs owned by Dolphin Integration gathering on a single mask set several ASIC/SoC from multiple customers. This innovative service provides:

  • Industrial approach
  • Cost sharing
  • Security and full traceability
  • Low volume production (up to few thousands) can be made without new investment in a dedicated mask set

Rely on our experience to build with us a strong project with industrial commitments

Why Dolphin Design as partner?

A partner who can

Release you from the complex tasks associated with the management of the semiconductor ecosystem or part of it: silicon IP procurement, design, prototyping, qualification, industrialization, production

Supply you with a high quality technical and business interface

Adapt its business model to your Company culture and way of working. Your teams select the tasks they want to be involved in

Experts to

Help you assess whether an ASIC/SoC solution is profitable for your current or future products

Optimize the performance of your electronic system for increasing battery lifetime, decreasing the noise, increasing the frequency, etc

Provide a complete ASIC solution for:

  • Mixed signal or pure digital applications
  • Ultra-low power subsystem embedding microcontroller, non-volatile memory, OTP, analog
  • MEMS/sensor interfaces, etc
  • FPGA to ASIC migration

And also...

Support your team for specific standards (e.g. DO254)

Company certified ISO 9001 and ASIC/SoC services certified EN 9100

Secured room and network for sensitive projects

In-house hardware resources and multiple EDA software solutions (standard and proprietary)

Openly discuss your ASIC, SoC needs / Get a full assessment of the 7 reasons