Quality Policy

Dolphin Design is certified ISO 9001 and its ASIC/SoC Services is certified EN 9100.

EN 9100

Our policy

Originally being a family business with more than 30 years of experience, but since August 22, 2018 and the creation of our new entity, Dolphin Design SAS has taken a new impetus and enters a new dynamic of growth.
Our vision is to be recognized worldwide as the preferred semiconductor partner for the optimization of energy efficiency as a supplier of Silicon IPs or as a supplier of turnkey ASICs designed in a secure environment.
Dolphin Design’s quality policy aims to make our priorities real in day-to-day commitments.
To achieve this, we rely on a Quality Management System, certified per the ISO-9001 and EN-9100 standards, that we are constantly improving. Thus, Dolphin Design is committed to meeting the applicable requirements and is committed to the continuous improvement of the QMS.

Philippe BERGER
CEO Dolphin Design