Voice Activity Detection
Breakthrough Voice Activity Detection semiconductor IP: WhisperTrigger-a


  • Increase from x6 up to x18 the device’s battery autonomy in Key Word Spotting mode, thanks to the IP autonomy, which is connected directly to an analog MIC/electret MiC
  • Best rate of true voice detections and lowest rate of false detections, thanks to an intelligent algorithm self-adaptive to the user-environment
  • 100% detection of various keywords, thanks to ultra-fast voice detection and wake-up system
  • Available in several mature nodes and under development in advanced nodes


You must wonder how this innovative solution can improve so drastically the battery autonomy?


Download the product brief overview and discover

  • The solution implementation
  • The impact on the system power consumption
  • The gain expected on the battery autonomy, compared with 2 other VAD solution