New solutions to Edge Computing: Enabling Smarter Edge at ultimate energy efficiency

Come to listen to Vincent, our CTO, at the TSMC Open Innovation Platform Ecosystem Forum

TSMC Open Innovation Platform Ecosystem Forum

October 27, 2021
China, Europe, North America (virtual event)
Vincent Huard

Vincent HUARD, CTO

Come to listen to Vincent and learn more about "New solutions to Keyword Spotting - Enabling Smarter Edge at Ultimate Energy Efficiency".

New solutions to Edge Computing: Enabling Smarter Edge at ultimate energy efficiency

Dolphin Design is now accelerating the development of ML/AI IPs to accelerate the time-to-market of our partners addressing diverse market verticals such as voice-controlled systems, access control and any edge-IoT applications where processing performance and power efficiency are required simultaneously.
Dolphin Design’s flexible offering ranges from power efficient, core agnostic MCU sub-systems platform (Chameleon) to highly configurable DSP platforms (Panther) up to Neural processing unit (Raptor) for high performance AI applications detailed below:

– Chameleon is a configurable MCU sub-system embedding several standard peripherals, an autonomous DMA, a fined-grained power management unit, a low latency interconnect, an event manager and also a tiny ML accelerator for specific applications. Thanks to these specific features, extremely low power consumption can be achieved in both deep sleep and active modes with a high score in the industry reference EEMBC uLPMArk (Core and Peripheral Profile, 500 & 120 respectively) for an implementation in a 22nm advanced process node. Chameleon platform comes with an RTL configurator tool as well with a Software Design Kit (SDK) which embeds all needed elements to easily port an existing SW.

– As a complementary offer to Chameleon, Panther is a highly configurable DSP platform based on up to 16 processing elements and a ML/AI accelerator. The platform embeds an event manager as well as a low latency interconnect to maximize the energy efficiency. The platform comes with an RTL configurator and a tool chain. Panther can enable >100 GOPS computing performance with an efficiency of 1TOPS/W (@10GOPS). First deployments will happen in Q3 2021.

– For high performance AI applications, Raptor is a Neural Processing Unit specialized in vision processing algorithm, which includes a host core, a DMA, and up to 128 processing elements. Raptor can enable more than 60 GOPS computing performance and an efficiency of 2200GOPS/W (@16GOPS) in 28nm FD-SOI technology. It will be fully available Q1 2022.

These 3 digital platforms are, integrated inside a test chip, open the possibility to address several IoT market verticals with leading edge power versus performance ratio. Several targeted applications will be detailed in our presentation.

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