Discover an ultra-low power platform for near sensor processing applications

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October 28, 2020
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Nicolas Gaude

Nicolas Gaude - Marketing & Business Development Management

“Ultra-low power Platform for near sensor processing applications”

Ultra-low power Platform for near sensor processing applications

The Internet of Things market envisions billion of wireless-connected sensors nodes, with a trend to increase the amount of processing close to the sensors in a limited power budget.
These sensors are used for a wide range of applications such as audio, surveillance, health monitoring industry, … and handle a wide variety of processing from traditional digital processing  to machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Our SPEED offering encompass a versatile set of platforms to design System-on-Chip that address these market challenges.
It relies on breakthrough innovations and includes complete power management and processing solutions – IP cluster with software drivers and development tools – for AI and digital processing to quickly and safely tape-out customized chips to perfectly fit application needs.

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