Power Management IP
Power Management IP designed for Energy-Efficient SoC.

We provide a comprehensive set of silicon-proven, compatible IP clusters with the most advanced low-power design techniques.
From active mode to deep sleep mode, our configurable IP clusters will allow you to create the best-in-class energy-efficient SoC devices.

Our IP portfolio serves leading-edge IoT applications

Configurable Power Controller

Keep control of your SoC power management strategy from the start-up sequence to advanced DVFS schemes with our configurable ePMU.

Voltage Regulators

Configurable LDOs and DC-DCs to build the optimal supply network while keeping your BoM and integration costs under control.

Always-on Solutions

We enable ultra-low leakage SoC devices to maximize the lifetime of battery powered devices.

Power Gating solutions

CLICK power switch, with its fine-grain in rush current management, achieves the lowest leakage current automatically.
Remove risks. Keep your power under control

Power Controller: MAESTRO

Our configurable PMU IP acts as the brain of your power system, it allocates power and clock when needed and manages system interruptions

  • Scalable to any SoC architecture (up to 1024 power domains)
  • Support of DVFS, AVS and Body-Biasing
  • Automated management of the start-up sequence
  • APB control interface
Tell us what’s inside your SoC. We have the right regulators for your application.

Configurable LDO and DC-DC Portfolio

From 1mA to 1A and more, our regulators can be configured to provide you with the best power efficiency figures, whatever application and the battery you are using.

  • Support 1.8V, 3.3V and 5V batteries (AA, coin cell, Li-Ion, USB)
  • High-efficiency DC-DC to get the maximum power from your supply source
  • Low leakage LDO with high PSRR to supply RF and digital domains
  • Capless LDO to remove the need for external components
Minimize leakage consumption. Maximize battery life

Adopt our Always-ON power management & oscillators solutions to increase the autonomy of your battery-operated device

  • Ultra-low quiescent LDO (< 150 nA)

  • Ultra-low power 32kHz RC and XTAL oscillators with RTC

  • Energy-efficient POR-BOR monitoring

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