System Platform for Energy Efficient Design - SPEED

Differentiating platform solutions built on state-of-the-art IP & architectures, customized by unique system level utilities

Easier, faster, safer design of energy efficient SoC

Do more with less energy

With Moore’s law slowing down the breakthrough in Energy Efficiency for the next generation designs, solutions should now be sought with chip customization and advanced design techniques. Moreover, edge computing and smart sensors are calling for massive improvements in energy efficient usage and data processing.

Technology scaling can no longer answer next generation IoT applications requirements, the only path forward is with pre-configured and validated IP clusters which reduce design cycle time and enable silicon specialization.

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SPEED is labeled as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution

The first label to assess the economic profitability of products or processes that protect the environment. The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label is attributed following a strict selection process performed by external independent experts. By ensuring high standards of sustainability and profitability, this internationally recognized label is considered as a recognition for innovators and as a credible marker of quality for solution seekers in business and governments, facilitating their sourcing of solutions to reach environmental commitments.

Your challenges for competitivity
  • Embed more functionalities into your chip
  • Deal with more processing data
  • Make your design secure and predictable, reduce iteration cycles
  • Multiply your expert teams producitivity

To master your costs, risks, and time-to-market is crucial,
you need to rely on TURNKEY solutions

SPEED Platform
Energy Efficiency without limits


SPEED are differentiating solutions built on state-of-the-art IPs and architectures, customized by unique system-level utilities. These solutions enable configurable energy efficient SoC designs based on our Power Management, Processing and Audio Platforms.

Energy efficient and low power designs are part of Dolphin’s DNA since its inception and we work hand-in-hand with our customers to simplify the design of energy efficient and customized SoCs allowing them to focus on their own competencies and added value.



a Power Management platform to design an energy efficient power management system in weeks instead of months.

  • IP Family: wide offering of voltage regulators, bias generators, power gating, power controller
  • System-level utilities: power controller configurator, power network architecture utility


an audio sub-system to manage the audio signal from the Voice Activity Detection up to its restitution.

  • IP Family: complete audio chain for sound treatment – Voice Activity Detector, ADC, DAC, digital filters
  • System-level utility: RTL configurator, drivers


ultra low-power core agnostic MCU subsystem with sensor-centric architecture and tiny Machine Learning (ML) accelerator.

  • IP Family: peripherals, event manager, low latency interconnects, PMU, DMA, tiny Machine Learning
  • System-level utility: RTL configurator, drivers


a high throughput general purpose Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with extreme low power consumption.

  • IP Family: up to 16 different cores, low latency interconnects, AI/Machine Learning accelerator,  DMA, event unit
  • System-level utility: RTL configurator, tool-chain


a high energy efficient Neural Processing Unit (NPU) dedicated to AI/Machine Learning processing tasks.

  • IP Family: up to 128 processing elements, DMA, host core
  • System-level utility: RTL configurator, tool-chain
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Up to x1000 Energy Efficiency

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Seamless integration

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Secured design cycle

Evaluate the gain you will obtain by using SPEED platforms

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