Oct 01, 2020

Webinar: Turnkey solution to simplify Body Bias implementation in FDSOI technology

The explosion of intelligent IoT devices, edge IoT, embedded AI, communication and always more processing power asks for an exponential demand in energy. Next generations of IC require a drastic improvement in energy efficient SoC design to sustain new market demands.
To do more with less energy, System-on-Chip architects and designers have to adopt advanced technologies and innovative design methodologies. It can represent a significant effort to rise in competence and leverage on these new solutions.
At Dolphin Design, we are delivering advanced energy efficiency solutions to support our customers and accelerate their Time-to-Market at very low risks for the SoC design. For FDSOI technologies, we have created the missing piece to achieve ultimate energy efficiency offering our customers an easy and safe use of body biasing.

In this webinar, we will first introduce the body bias concept and how it helps to improve your PPA SoC figures. Getting the highest performances for your SoC using body bias implies the deployment of a dedicated design methodology that will be presented. In the second section, you will discover the all-in-one, plug & play and scalable Adaptative Body Bias solution and its silicon performances measured in 22FDX. Then, few implementation use-cases will be shared.

Who should attend?

SoC architects and designers involved in energy-efficient SoC designs. Project leaders, design managers and IC design directors needing to deploy new solutions to improve their SoC energy efficiency
Prerequisites: it is better to have basics on low-power architectures and FDSOI.

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