Jul 12, 1994

Sigma-Delta Converters for Multimedia Applications
Analog & Mixed-signal Design conference, San Jose, California, USA
J.F.Pollet, A.Alegre de La Sougeolle, C.Perrin


This paper mainly presents macrocells for the design of delta-sigma converters, available in the ASIC library of the SGS-THOMSON BICMOS 1.2 gm technological process.

These macrocells can be used to build ASICs containing stereo analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters for multimedia audio applications.

In a first part, macrocell characteristics and a “kit part” circuit are presented.

In the second part, the methodology for specifying essential characteristics of deltasigma converters is illustrated through the use of a programable delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter circuit In the third part, a brief description of other available cells in the same library is given.

In the fourth part, future developments in the same domain are shortly described.

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