Release of our first development platform on TSMC 22ULL process for Smart Home Applications

Grenoble, France – August 21th, 2020

Our innovative design platforms that satisfy IoT application requirements is available. We dedicate all our developments to serving energy efficiency and continuously pushing the boundaries of battery-operated AIoT devices.

In short, to do more with less energy at the edge.

We have combined two of our SPEED platforms into an audio development platform on TSMC 22nm ultra-low leakage (22ULL) process, a perfect foundry solution for IoT and wearable devices applications, enabling the highest level of integration to embed more functionalities on a single die.

The objective of this combo is two-fold: reduce drastically Bill-of-Material costs by embedding all power management functions and thus remove the external PMIC, and ensure great audio subsystem performances for the best human-voice control of the final device.

With our core expertise in analog design, SPIDER and BAT platforms fit together perfectly for an easy and fast implementation:

  • Sleep mode: power supply optimization of the VAD through a dedicated uLP DCDC
  • Active mode: audio power supply rejection rate complies with DCDC characteristics
  • Consistent views and deliverables

Here is the content of this audio-oriented design platform:

SPIDER – Power management platform

  • 2 ultra-low quiescent with high efficiency DCDCs
  • A nano power LDO

BAT – Analog & digital audio platform

  • 6 input channel ADC with phase alignment to guarantee software algorithm performances
  • 2 output channel digital DAC to reduce silicon area and integration costs
  • Voice Activity Detection for ultra-low power consumption in always listening modes
Smart Home platform

Fabless companies can ask us for the most efficient combination of SPEED platforms to address their specific SoC requirements to save time, energy, and ensure their Time-to-Market while focusing on their core competencies.