Innovative power island construction kit optimizes Low-Power Management

Jul 06, 2015

Innovative power island construction kit optimizes Low-Power Management

A safe and flexible solution to build the most efficient power islands proves to be essential but challenging for all SoC designs to enable optimized Low-Power management.
To guarantee the safe construction of power islands for the lowest power consumption, Dolphin Integration proposes an innovative power island construction kit called CLICK, which includes a variety of low-power cells needed to implement a number of power management techniques, such as:

  • Power gating techniques for all kinds of islands enable that some power islands in a SoC can be independently switched-off, when unused, in order to minimize power leakage during sleep mode. When using retention mode, power gating enables powering down without losing state and resuming operation with fast wake-up.
  • Multi-voltage techniques are used to split a design into multiple voltage islands supplied at different voltage levels to save dynamic power consumption.

Enriched with the patented Transition Ramp Cell (TRC), inserted into the power ring of the island, SESAME CLICK is not only a solution guaranteeing safe power island construction, but also a low power and cost effective solution with flexible and safe control of the power-up sequence.

  • Flexibility of in-rush current management
    • Limitation of in-rush current controlled by the TRC enables an implementation “correct-by-construction”
    • Easy adjustment of in-rush current and/or minimization of wake up time at implementation and runtime programmable through registers
  • Ease of integration
    • Methodology for an automatic computation of the optimal number and size of power switches required for creating the island power ring
    • Script for automatic and optimized power ring insertion
    • Compatible with SCAN test ensuring no fabrication error
  • Add-on to the SESAME uHD 6 track standard cell library, contributing to a less leaky and denser logic island domain thanks to our patented «retention spinner cell».
    • 3 times denser than standard 7T retention Flip-Flop
    • Up to 2 times less leaky than any contender

power island construction kit


For further information on the easy power islands construction with SESAME CLICK

This short video shows the benefits of the CLICK offering in terms of easiness of islet construction (script for automated computation of the number of power switch, easy integration of hard macros, patented TRC cell handling automated limitation of the in-rush current) and in terms of performances (6-Tracks based cells, patented retentin spinner cell denser than a traditional flip-flop).

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