Dec 16, 2019

How to multiply by 18 battery life of voice control devices?

Grenoble, December 16th, 2019

A disruptive Voice Activity Detection (VAD) solution is now available.

The consumer trend for high-tech accessories is demanding, as mandatory, voice interaction with smart electronic products. Everything needs to be voice activated – from the car up to the light bulbs and the earables. Voice control devices, such as True Wireless Speakers (TWS) or smartspeakers, need always-on voice control, which requires an extreme and challenging optimization of the SoC power consumption.

Dolphin Design makes this happen and have launched a breakthrough VAD semiconductor IP – the WhisperTrigger-a. This solution achieves outstanding energy efficiency and very high accuracy, thus opening the path to a new generation of always-on sensing devices.

With this new technology and alternative VAD solution, a rechargeable battery of 25 mA/h from a TWS or an earbud device will increase, from 9 hours battery life up to 168 hours using the WhisperTrigger-a!

Embed differentiation in your next generation of SoC targeting voice control devices and get more information on this semiconductor IP.

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Explore each benefit from WhisperTrigger solution:

  • Increase from x6 up to x18 the device’s battery life in Key Word Spotting mode, thanks to the IP autonomy, which is connected directly to an analog MIC/electret MiC
  • Best rate of true voice detections and lowest rate of false detections, thanks to an intelligent algorithm self-adaptive to the user-environment
  • 100% detection of various keywords, thanks to ultra-fast voice detection and wake-up system

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