Dolphin Integration introduces first successful complete IP offering for Power Metering applications

Dolphin Integration rolls out for Smart Grid applications a complete subsystem: the first Silicon IP combining a Mixed-signal Front End (MFE) with a Power and energy Computation Engine (PCE).

The IP enables to achieve a class 0.1% at the system-level with several sensors while targeting a measurement range up to 1/10,000. Indeed, in mastering the entire solution, Dolphin enables to optimize trade-offs between MFE and PCE and ensures performances as best as 0.05% accuracy at SoC-level.

As the leader in high resolution industrial converters for silicon IP, Dolphin Integration facilitates the access to 3rd party IP for Fabless and SoC integrators targeting growing markets such as Utility Billing meter, Smart plug/outlet or Home appliance. For easing integration, the Analog Front-End (AFE) is liven-up with its required peripherals: temperature sensor, low-drift voltage reference and the relevant embedded power management, insuring resilience to noise and any cross-talk.


MFE converts realtime sensor signals into serial digital figures for current and voltage.

PCE computes diverse derived values (Line frequency, Irms, Vrms…), energy consumption in real time and its cumulative value.

Which value enhancement reserved to the fabless supplier?

By licensing such an IP including MFE+PCE, a fabless supplier relies on it for delivering the standard capabilities requested by the utility.

The fabless supplier can focus on differentiators such as specific activity reports to users for helping save energy and whatever innovation, which can only be generated for his own prospects.

This offering benefits from high performances and attractive silicon area including:

MFE features

  • 20-bit and 21-bit Delta-Sigma ADCs
  • Measurement accuracy of 0.05% over a range of:
    • 1/5,000 for 250 uOhm shunt with 21-bit MFE
    • to 1/10,000 for Current Transformer with 20-bit MFE with its Automatic Gain Controler
  • Supported Sensors: Shunt, Current transformer
  • Low drift voltage reference
  • Temperature sensor
  • Low noise regulator

PCE calculations

  • Active, Reactive, Apparent Power and Energy
  • Instantaneous Power
  • Irms, Vrms
  • Power factor
  • Line frequency
  • Voltage SAG, peak detection, Over-voltage/current
  • Anti tampering
  • Phase angle


0.18 um and 0.13 um in several world Top-10 foundries

Key figures:

Low power consumption: < 14 mW at 0.18 um; < 12 mW at 0.13 um

For More information on our silicon IP solution for Smart Grid, please make sure to have a look at the presentation sheet Metro-Jade-PM-mono.05 or contact us at

Our solution can be enriched with our state-of-art MCU (See our offering), in order to design a complete SoC optimized for your application. It ensures silicon cost reduction and power consumption optimization guaranteeing the best and quicker return on investment.