Dolphin Integration announces groundbreaking regulators for multi-mode optimization of consumption

Dolphin Integration, leader in embedded power management IP, today announced the Retention Alternating Regulator (RAR) as a fully integrated, secure and power-efficient solution for supplying loads requiring multi-mode optimization, with a low Bill-of-Material.

Applications running up to years on battery require, on the one hand, high efficiency in normal mode due to large power dissipation of operating functions in a short time period. On the other hand, very low stand-by power consumption is mandatory when supplying the always-on functions during long time periods.

Elsa Bernard-Moulin rejoices that “after the successful launch of Dolphin Integration’s RCSL (Reduced Cell Stem Libraries) versus CCSL (Complex Cell Set Libraries), the Retention Alternating Regulator (RAR) launches the era of standard RPKL (Reduced Power Kit Libraries) putting an end to the complexity of still prevalent CPKL (Custom Power Kit Libraries)”.

RAR constituents

RAR embeds two or more regulation sub-components, to supply the same load in each mode, and their transitions are optimized by a Regulator Control Unit (RCU).

For multi-mode optimization of power, the recommended regulation kit is:

  • A Switching Regulator for best power transfer efficiency from source to loads in normal mode.
  • An Ultra low quiescent regulator to reach the lowest leakage in sleep mode.
  • A Regulator Control Unit (RCU) to manage start-up and to ensure safe transitions between regulator modes.

Performance benchmarking

The comparison is performed for two loads: one with some logic always-on and the other with the whole logic and RF with two modes. Their typical power consumption is 50 mA for normal mode and 10 µA for sleep mode.


The RAR features the power efficiency of traditional Switching Regulators in normal mode, but features ultra-low power consumption with just quiescent current in sleep mode. It presents the extra advantage of minimizing the BoM cost.

Secured Integration

The crucial verifications for embedding regulators are concerned with system startup and mode changes, when data integrity must be maintained, namely: start up sequence, signal validity, voltage change sequence, forbidden sequence and mode change delay. The Regulator Control Unit, sub-component of the RAR, relieves the SoC Integrator of these verifications!

For more information about this offering, have a look at the Presentation sheet.

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