Nov 22, 2019

Dolphin Design is ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certified

We renewed our certifications ISO 9001 for the complete offering, and EN 9100 for our ASIC/SoC design services.

Since the beginning, we are meeting customers’ needs by guaranteeing the best quality of our developments. Thus, we got our first certification ISO 9001 in 2008.

In order to meet the highest level of requirements from our major customers in the aeronautic, space and military domains, we obtained our first certification EN 9100 in 2016. 

This European standard details an insurance system to guarantee the quality control for these specific markets.

Last month, we renewed our certifications ISO 9001:2015 for our whole activities, and the add-on EN 9100:2018 for our ASIC/SoC integration activities.

Thus, we are now referenced in the database OASIS of the International Aerospace Quality Group.

“At Dolphin Design, we are committed to guarantee the quality of our designs, on both our semiconductor IP offering and ASIC design services. A specific team is dedicated to quality management, and all of our teams are actively working to serve it. I joined Dolphin Design team some months ago and I discovered that quality is a value carried by all of the collaborators. We are now setting up a new product development methodology in order to reduce our design cycle, increase our performances and our quality level” said Thierry Falque, Strategy Execution Director at Dolphin Design.

Strengthened by these new certifications, we intensively develop our service activities for large french and European industrial companies. We are addressing worldwide customers’ projects too, by relying on our differentiating semiconductor IP offering for energy efficient SoC designs.

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