May 11, 2020

Dolphin Design Enables Next Generation Energy-Efficient Battery-Operated IoT Devices with New IP Platforms on TSMC 22ULL Process

Grenoble, France,
May 11th, 2020

Dolphin Design, a leader in semiconductor IPs and design platforms, today announced the development of a comprehensive set of semiconductor IPs on TSMC 22 nm ultra-low leakage (22ULL) process technology that will power the new generation of battery-operated IoT devices. Leveraging its design expertise in power management and audio solutions for IoT applications, Dolphin Design is now adding TSMC 22ULL process as one of the key process technologies supported by their SPEED platforms to enable fast and secure design of energy efficient SoC.

Dolphin enlarges its existing IP portfolio with a comprehensive technology platform including a set of:

  • Power management IP:
    • Low-leakage LDO with fast transient response
    • Ultra-low quiescent LDO for best-in-class consumption in sleep mode
    • Nano-power DC/DC converter with < 250 nA quiescent current and high-efficiency at light loads to maximize battery life
  • Audio IP for a comprehensive audio solution:
    • High-fidelity audio ADC / DAC / codecs with top performances (SNR, THD, etc) and very low-power consumption
    • A disruptive Voice Activity Detection solution

“We see a strong demand for TSMC 22ULL process, mainly driven by IoT connectivity SoCs like Bluetooth and GNSS, ultra-low power MCU and audio applications for smart speakers, active noise cancellation (ANC) and true wireless stereo (TWS) markets,” said Philippe Flatresse, Business Development and Product Marketing Director at Dolphin Design. “We are delighted to enable this process technology for fabless companies. They can take advantage of significant power reduction from TSMC 22ULL technology as well as new IP architectures that we designed to meet their stringent power consumption targets in both active and sleep modes.”

“We’re very pleased with the result of our collaboration with Dolphin Design, which perfectly combines Dolphin Design’s power management and audio IP platform with TSMC’s industry-leading 22 nm ULL process technology,” said Suk Lee, Senior Director of Design Infrastructure Management Division at TSMC. “We’re looking forward to expanding our ecosystem with more innovative and energy-efficient IP solutions to help our customers achieve their silicon success for IoT and wearable devices applications.”

IP enablement is starting this month with the availability of preliminary views to support key customer projects. This new set of innovative IPs comes in addition to a comprehensive and silicon-qualified power management and audio IP portfolio on 55 nm and 40 nm process technologies, reflecting the commitment from Dolphin Design to enable ultra-low power IoT solutions with extended battery autonomy.

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