Differenciate your SoC with the new 32 bit microcontroller Flip80351 Zephyr

For the sake of preserving programmer’s habits, market of microcontroller cores is making it difficult for Fabless suppliers to provide game-changing innovations. Solutions for application specific optimizations need to be found for each System-on-Chip, while embedding identical microcontroller cores does not help. The search for programmers productivity improvements is stalled. The risk for Fabless suppliers is to use insufficiently innovative Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and to propose insufficiently differentiated chips compared to competitors…

Relying on 30 years of expertise in Virtual Components of Silicon IP, Dolphin Integration is proud to announce its new 32-bit microcontroller core derived from the hugely popular 80×51 family: Flip80351 Zephyr, associated with its innovative IDE, named SmartVision™, driving innovation for low-power and high-density solutions.
This new microcontroller core based on a reduced instruction set (RISC) offers the possibility to:

  • Select a 32-bit core adapted to the application performance requirements with ultra high code density and very low power consumption
  • Optimize the MCU subsystem thanks to SmartVision™ (IDE) which allows to model and import descriptions of peripherals for a complete subsystem simulation of the application software with its peripherals

Why choose Zephyr?

Best processing power

Pipeline optimized to reach 1 DMIPS/MHz with
Power consumption as low as 6 µW/MHz at 90 nm

Best code density & efficiency

Instruction set optimized for ultra high code density (with variable size instruction words) enabling smaller memories, thereby reducing Silicon area

Lowest power consumption

Power consumption reduction of 75 % compared to the 80×51 family
“Retention Ready” features for 10 times less consuming designs

Fastest time to market

State of the art IDE SmartVision™ with advanced peripheral modelling and simulation features
Built-In Real time Debugger

A low power cache controller R-Stratus-LP can also be added to improve flash memory access time and drastically reduce its power consumption.
Do not hesitate to request the evaluation kit of Zephyr by contacting microcontrollers@dolphin-ip.com