Runtime Reliability Hardening for Edge AI and Automotive applications

Come to listen to Vincent, our CTO, at the ESREF 2021 symposium

ESREF 2021

October 4, 2021
Virtual event
Vincent Huard

Vincent HUARD, CTO

Come to listen to Vincent and learn more about "Runtime Reliability Hardening for Edge AI and Automotive applications".

Runtime Reliability Hardening for Edge AI and Automotive applications

The next decade will see the advent of the Artificial Intelligence both at the edge of the network and in automotive applications. The AI revolution is driven by the need to process the data locally near the sensors to avoid wasting 80% of the overall information available. Such revolution will be enabled by more complex processing architectures located close to the sensors. The new processing architectures imply massively parallel processing which would require expensive margins and/or monitors to insure reliability at the cost of peak performance and energy efficiency. The location close to the sensors implies a greater sensitivity to Process Voltage Temperature (PVT) variations together with Aging variations. The lecture will address what are the solutions foreseen to tackle together the reliability threads and the performance/energy efficiency challenges so to enable the Edge AI revolution. These solutions require to have a 360 degrees approach spanning from technology level (material) through various design stages up to software level.

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