Industrial best practices: cases of study by automotive chip-makers

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Lorenzo ZAIA

Lorenzo ZAIA, Software Engineer

Come to listen to Lorenzo and learn more about "Industrial best practices: cases of study by automotive chip-makers".

Industrial best practices: cases of study by automotive chip-makers

To ensure the highest quality products to be shipped to market and to guarantee they will keep working for their lifecycle expectation is a primary goal for automotive chip-makers. Indeed, strong efforts are needed to refine and to strengthen manufacturing test procedures such that very few latent faults are left in the overall population of chips. Nevertheless, an high quality production must be followed by in-field reliability; the development of strategies and activities devised to face front lifetime critical issues has also a very high priority. This paper encompasses several contributions including the description and results obtained by (1) a very accurate method to evaluate the power consumption along FLASH memory manufacturing test, (2) an effective generation strategy for Software-Based Self-Test of multi-core, AI oriented computer architectures and (3) a highlevel and very fast architectural emulator for Systems-on-Chip to be used for prototyping irradiation experiments and to forecast campaigns results with a good grade of accuracy about singleevent-upsets on processors and peripheral cores.

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