BAT – Application-optimized audio IPs

Enabling HiFi and enhanced audio experience lasting days
High-resolution with ultra-low power audio converters configured on demand with unique built-in features

BAT is our audio IP platform for serving a wide range of fashionable applications such as Smart Speakers, Smart Hearables, wearable, IoT, and more.

It provides:

  • Hight fidelity ADC / DAC audio IPs
  • All in one, configurable Audio Codec IPs
  • Ultra-low-power Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
  • Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC)
  • PDM to PCM converter
  • And more coming soon!

BAT enables a seamless configuration and assembly of your high fidelity and low power audio device ensuring faster Time-To-Market with robust and advanced IPs.

BAT - At the crossroads of analog performances and digital adaptability

ANALOG solutions, making the interface between the analog and digital worlds

  • MEMS microphone and electret support
  • High electrical performances for accurate data recording and playback
  • Cap-less architecture to limit BoM impact

DIGITAL solutions, enabling powerful audio signal processing with soft flexibility

  • Digital microphone support
  • Hardware filters for optimum energy efficiency
  • Various features to adapt to application constraints
  • High configurability

Trending features enabled by our Audio IPs

Active Headphones

We enable noise-cancellation to fully offset the effect of distracting and concurrent activity, dramatically improving audio rendering.

Smart Remote

We reduce the power consumption of always-on smart speakers with our ultra-low power voice detection solutions.

In-vehicle Infotainment

We improve the reliability of voice-control functions with our highly noise resilient converters.


  • TWS earbuds, headphones and headsets
  • AR/VR
  • Smart speakers, home appliance
  • Wearables, hearables, Voice first devices
  • BLE codecs
  • LP and GP MCU

Key figures

  • 8μA in Voice Detection mode
  • 100% voice detected
  • 106 dB SNR ADC
  • 119 dB SNR DAC
  • < 8μs latency mic input to HP output
  • Up to 768 kHz sample rate​​

Remove distractions. Augment your sound experience.​​

Ultra low latency audio converters down to 3µs

Active Noise Cancellation allows you to listen to audio content without raising the volume excessively. We provide a powerful set of converters to make high-fidelity ANC possible.


  • ADC with Dynamic Range higher than 106 dB maintaining audio performance in analog mic-in mode
  • Pop-up noise level as low as – 60 dBV

Ultra efficient and accurate voice command detection. Wake up when effectively required.

Audio CODEC with embedded Voice Activity Detection

The built-in microphones in smart speakers are continuously listening for “hot keywords” followed by a command. To maximize the sleep state mode timeshare to limit the system power consumption, we designed audio CODEC solutions with voice activity detection capability, the Whisper TriggerTM.

  • Enables ultra low power keyword spotting mode
  • High Dynamic Range – up to 106 dB – to perform far-field voice recognition

Accurate sound processing. Reliable voice interaction.

Audio CODEC with high Noise Resilience

Engage seamless in-vehicle voice command and response interactions with robust noise tolerance in a high-temperature environment.

  • High CMRR enabling in-vehicle distributed mic positioning
  • Low crosstalk multi-channel CODEC
  • Embedded low noise voltage regulator for enhanced resilience to power supply-related noise

Download our white paper on Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

More than ever before, attention to power consumption is paramount when developing new products. In this environment, voice activity detection has a major role to play in any new voice-controlled system. The main objective of VAD is to lower power consumption, saving on computation or data processing by deactivating part of the SoC when no speech patterns are detected.
Markets like home assistants and telecommunications can greatly benefit from this feature as the
always-on mode is not exactly suitable for wireless products or when privacy is a concern.

  1. Different VADs and how to compare them
  2. What does the market offer at this point?
  3. WhisperTrigger Voice Activity Detector

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