22 nm Power Management offering
Looking for 22 nm on-chip power management for your next battery-operated IoT SoC?

You are planning to design a new SoC to address battery-operated IoT devices such as ULP MCU, BLE, TWS, NB-IoT and GNSS in 22 nm, for which on-chip power management is a key differentiator on your market in terms of power efficiency, BoM and form factor.

Our experience with customers and partners confirm that dealing with multiple supplies and multiple power modes is a real hurdle. Being able to conciliate both aggressive TTM and stringent power consumption targets at the same time is the real challenge that we address with our solutions.

Our silicon-proven and configurable power management IP will help you to reach unprecedented level of energy-efficiency, from the deep sleep modes where leakage matters to demanding active modes where power-efficiency is required. We will help you to:

  1. Achieve breakthrough power consumption in sleep mode with our Always-On IP cluster
    • Ultra-low power RC and XTAL oscillator for 32 kHz clock generation
    • Ultra-low quiescent µLDO with power consumption as low as 150 nA
    • Low-power voltage monitoring (Power-on-Reset and Brown-Out-Reset)
    • Innovative low-leakage power gating solution with single-pass implementation
  1. Get the maximum from your battery during active mode thanks to our power efficient IP
    • Low BoM High-efficiency DC-DC converter with inductor as small as 4.7 µH (from 100 mA to 2A)
    • Adaptive Body-Bias IP for up to 10x energy-efficiency improvement of your MCU (for FD-SOI nodes)
  1. Make sure your noise-sensitive analog and RF domains operate in a safe context
    • High PSRR and low-leakage fast transient LDO to supply logic or noise-sensitive domain (from 100 mA to 500 mA)
    • High-efficiency DC-DC converter with PWM mode ensuring less than 5 mV output ripple (from 100 mA to 1 A)
  1. Keep your development schedule under control
    • Silicon-proven off-the-shelf IP offering in 22 nm
    • Fast IP configuration to meet your application constraints (input supply voltage, output current)

Need to discuss about how your next IoT SoC will benefit from our power management IP solutions?

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